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Vegan Japanese Sisal Dry Body Brush

Vegan Japanese Sisal Dry Body Brush

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The ultimate detoxifying body treatment. The Japanese Dry Brushing technique has been celebrated for its therapeutic qualities of rejuvenating tired dull skin and improving circulation and tone through exfoliation and stimulation of the lymphatic system.  Lifestyle Gurus and Celebrity Health retreats all rave about the cellulite busting benefits of Dry Brushing that you can enjoy at home.

The Brush is handcrafted from Sisal Hemp Bristles.  This natural fibre has the botanical name Agave sisalana, which is a species of Agave. The bristles are firm but not hard and provide an enjoyable morning routine to get the blood pumping.

To use your dry brush, begin with the feet and using firm, small strokes (or a circular motion) brush towards the heart, and slowly work your way up to your mid-section.  Finish with the arms, similarly starting at the hands and working your way towards the heart.  Less pressure can be used on areas where the skin is more sensitive, it should never hurt or scratch your skin.  Dry brushing should take 3-5 minutes and can be practiced daily.

  • Do not wet with water
  • 14.5 cm Brush
  • Made from natural Sisal Fibres
  • Vegan