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Life of Cha PURIFY Tea
Life of Cha PURIFY Tea

Life of Cha PURIFY Tea

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Purify is a 100% Herbal Caffeine-free alternative to coffee.

As it is a natural coffee-flavoured tea, this best seller is reminiscent of coffee without the caffeine or after effects.  It's a dark, roasted & earthy blend. It is described as full bodied, pure tasting with a coffee aroma.

Note: While it's not exactly like coffee, this special blend is the closest coffee flavoured tea we have created to help you reduce your coffee intake instead of going cold turkey.

INGREDIENTS: Organic dandelion, burdock root, chicory, barley, ginger.

How to brew Purify Coffee Substitute Tea

Step 1: Scoop 1 heaped teaspoon into your 250ml cup 

Step 2: Pour boiling water into your cup and steep for 5 min 

Step 3: Pour a dash of milk/soy/nut mylk to your Purify brew (optional)

For a stronger brew you can either add another tablespoon of tea in and/or steep for longer over the stove. As the tea is in larger chunks, the longer you leave it, the more flavour you will enjoy.

Caffeine Free. Contains 35 serves and comes in a reusable glass bottle. Contains gluten.