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Hydrogen Health Water Bottle

Hydrogen Health Water Bottle

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Next Level Hydration

Based on 40+ years of World-Leading Water Science

Hydrogen-Rich  |  Alkaline  |  Hexagonally Structured  |  Mineralised  |  Filtered

Transform Your Water In 3 Minutes.

Hydrogen Health has recreated nature’s original water with this innovative and powerful water bottle.

Supported by scientific research, we present an everyday water essential which targets impurities, restores minerals and revitalises the energetic structure based on innovative water science.

This portable bottle also infuses research-backed hydrogen, the most bioavailable and effective antioxidant, into an ideal water form to reverse cellular damage and aging which results from oxidative damage.

Simply fill, press and drink.  Clean, filtered, hydrogen-infused water in minutes.

The best water you will ever taste is now at your fingertips.

What Is Infused?

With the press of the button, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas in an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas infuses the water creating antioxidant (energy giving) water with maximum bioavailability.

The infusion of important ionic minerals specifically magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals are incorperated within the filter. These are required for healthy bio-signalling and energy throughout the body. In addition, these minerals improve the body’s resistance to harmful impurities which oxidize the cells via free radical damage.

The filter generates Far InfraRed Rays (FIR) that help to purify the water, and act like a 'supercharger', assisting water to ionize and alkalize. This has an immediate and powerful effect on water by achieving multiple benefits. This includes improved hydration, alkaline pH increased to 7.5 – 8.5 and antibacterial properties.

What Is Filtered?

The filtering design targets the oxidative impurities, specifically chlorine, which cause damage throughout the body. This innovative filtering feature works to allow on the go water filtering which helps prevent additional free redical damage and optimises cellular function.

Portable USB Charging

The powerful battery life is coupled with the ability to charge on the go with a USB port or with the power adapter at a wall outlet. This allows you to create hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.

What's In The Box?

  • Power Adapter
  • USB Charging Cable
  • HYDROGEN HEALTH Water Bottle 550ml 
  • Quick Start Guide

  • Protective, Insulated and Ergonomic Hydrogen Health Water Bottle Covers available.