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Harmony Mala
Harmony Mala

Harmony Mala

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This mala combines Tourmalinated Quartz’s harmonising properties to make you feel secure and loved, the nourishing and emotionally supportive properties of Morganite, with the Rudraksha seeds’ capacity to deflect negative energy and create a positive spiritual cocoon around you.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Combining the grounding and deflecting energy of Tourmaline and the amplifying properties of Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful tool to help bring peace and harmony in your life. This crystal amplifies good energy, whilst eliminating negative energy. It can help you to overcome self-limiting behaviors, increasing your personal power and motivation to move positively forward. By clearing away negative thoughts, Tourmalinated Quartz can give you a renewed sense of optimism and boost your confidence.


Morganite is a crystal that brings a sense of lightness and joy. It is a heart chakra stone and carries the energy of Divine love and compassion.  It is said to emotionally nourish you and can help you release the burden of past hurt and anger so you can achieve a sense of emotional balance.


Rudraksha seeds are said to be formed from the tears of Lord Shiva and have been used throughout history to help balance the mind and emotions. They absorb positive energy, storing and magnifying it over time, creating a spiritual cocoon for the wearer. The longer the seeds are worn and used for meditation the more powerful the seeds become.

Designed and handmade in Sydney by Seeds of Wonder, all malas are blessed and cleansed before they begin their journey to you.

Length: approx. 49.5cm

Product details

  • 108 seeds/beads (excluding spacer beads)
  • 100% natural 5 mukhi 6mm Rudraksha seeds
  • Tourmalinated Quartz and Morganite 6mm beads
  • Rose Quartz 15*20mm guru bead
  • Silver coloured spacer beads
  • Silk thread, hand strung with seed beads
  • Handmade cotton tassel
  • All our malas are designed and handmade in Sydney by Seeds of Wonder
  • Every mala comes in its own gift pouch, with a description of the crystals, seeds or stones used in the design.

IMPORTANT: All our materials are natural and as such you will see variations in colour, shape and texture. This is part of their beauty! Colour in photos may vary slightly from real life, though every effort is made to make the photos as true to life as possible.