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Natural Sleep Support

A fast-paced lifestyle, late-night exercise or meals and exposure to blue light in the evenings all impact our ability to wind down well before we head to bed and can contribute to a poor night's sleep.

If you find it hard to fall asleep and/or stay asleep, there are a few simple and natural strategies you can incorporate into your day to optimise your sleep and physical health.

Early Afternoon: Aim to have your last caffeinated drink by around 2pm, earlier if possible!  Half of the caffeine we consume stays in our bloodstream up to six hours after consumption and studies show that it interferes with sleep quality and melatonin secretion.  Melatonin is the principal hormone responsible for the synchronisation of sleep.

Sunset: Aim to have your last meal, minimise blue light (or use blue light canceling glasses) and avoid high-intensity exercise all of which can impact heart rate and sleep quality.

An hour or two before bed: Eliminate blue light if possible.  Wind down with a good quality caffeine-free tea such as this Beauty Ritual Tea and/or Superfeast Reishi Mushroom powder.  If you have time, indulge in a magnesium bath or consider taking good quality Magnesium Bisglycinate supplements.  To read more about the amazing benefits of magnesium, head to my blog post.

Lastly, here is wonderfully relaxing blend for your essential oil diffuser to help you wind down:

Diffuser Blend

2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Lavender 

Half an hour before bed: A tried and tested topical blend of essential oils for Sleep Support can be applied to the spine, abdomen and soles of feet.  

These are the three most permeable parts of the body.  When oils are diluted properly in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil and the areas are covered after application (with clothing or socks), the absorption of the essential oil molecules into our bloodstream is increased to approximately 70-80%.  

Sleep Support Blend

1 drop Vetiver
2 drops Balance
2 drops Copaiba
3 drops Lavender Peace
2 drops Frankincense

Add to a 10ml roller bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut Oil and use half an hour before bed.  This incredibly calming combination of essential oils will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

Bedtime: Try doing some restful breathing exercises and make sure your bedroom is cool and dark for optimal sleep.  You can also add this beautiful Linen Spray to your ammunition which will give a calming aroma to your sheets and pillow throughout the night.  This is particularly useful when you want the benefits of the oils but don't want your diffuser on while you sleep.

Linen Spray

6 drops Lavender Peace
2 drops Wild Orange
2 drops Vetiver
2 drops Frankincense
1 Tbs Alcohol Free Witch Hazel (optional)

Add all ingredients to a 100ml glass spray bottle and top with distilled water.  Shake before use and lightly spray your bedding to aid restful breathing and sleep.

Please note, as this Linen Spray is a water-based recipe, the essential oils are not bound to any fats and hence this is not suitable to use directly on the skin.  My topical recipes are always made with a carrier oil for safety.