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Cleaning Versus Sanitising

For those taking proactive measures to clean and sanitise their hands and homes, it’s important to understand why we need to do BOTH.

🌱 Dirt and grease will always interfere with any sanitiser or disinfectant’s germ-killing abilities!

🌱 Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, lowering their numbers and reducing the risk of spreading infection.

🌱 Sanitising or disinfecting refers to the killing of germs. If a surface is dirty or greasy, disinfecting will not kill germs.

🌱 Disinfecting a surface after cleaning with soap and water can further reduce the risk of spreading infection.

🌱 Soap and water are by far the most effective way to clean hands and surfaces as this dissolves the virus’ fat membrane.

🌱 Washing hands or surfaces thoroughly with liquid Castile soap (diluted or at full strength) is a toxin-free and eco-friendly option.

🌱 Hand sanitisers should only be used if soap and water are not available as they do not kill all types of germs and simply do not work on dirty or greasy hands.

🌱 Hand sanitisers must also be 62-71% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to be effective. Both are flammable and isopropyl alcohol can be highly toxic if ingested so use with caution especially around children.

🌱 Hand sanitisers can cause dry, cracked skin. This makes us more prone to infection unfortunately so use sparingly.

🌱 Like hands, surfaces such as benchtops, door handles and sinks should always be cleaned with soap and water before disinfecting.

🌱 A toxin-free and eco-friendly disinfectant is 3-5% hydrogen peroxide solution. Add to a spray bottle or a clean cloth and wipe down cleaned surfaces. Allow to sit for 5 minutes to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. There’s no need to rinse, this solution will naturally decompose into oxygen and water.

🌱 Avoid products that contain phthalates, triclosan, fragrance or hydrocarbon.

🌱 Essential oils add anti-microbial power to cleaning sprays. An all-purpose cleaning spray can be homemade with a few simple ingredients.


2 Tablespoons Dr Bronner’s Unscented Liquid Castile Soap

40 Drops dōTERRA Essential Oils

500ml Distilled Water

Add Castile Soap and Essential Oils to a 500ml amber glass spray bottle so that the oils bind to the soap first.  Top with distilled water and combine gently.
Use on bench tops, tiles, door handles, glass and mirrors, sinks, ovens, leather and wood furniture and all bathroom surfaces including vanities, baths, showers and toilets - basically anywhere and everywhere, I even use it in my car!

Simply wipe down with a cloth and follow with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution to disinfect when required.

A few suggestions for completely anti-microbial essential oil blends include:

Peppermint + Eucalyptus + Wild Orange
Clove + Citrus Bliss
On Guard + Tea Tree + Lemon
Lemongrass + Grapefruit + Lime
Siberian Fir + Tangerine + Lime
Lavender + Peppermint + Wild Orange

This is an eco-friendly, toxin-free option that is wonderful for humans and the planet.  It is also extremely cost effective!