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doTERRA Citrus Bloom 15ml + Tinted Lip Gloss 4ml

doTERRA Citrus Bloom 15ml + Tinted Lip Gloss 4ml

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doTERRA Citrus and Shine is the perfect limited edition gift.  Comprising of the ever popular Citrus Bloom Springtime Blend plus a beautiful tinted lip gloss infused with Peppermint essential oil, it will be hard to put down! 


Beautifully crafted to welcome spring into your home, Citrus Bloom® is the perfect essential oil fusion, combining the brightness of citrus peels layered with a freshly cut floral aroma.

Greek Wild Orange and Pink Grapefruit essential oils deliver sunny and fresh aromatic notes to Citrus Bloom® providing an uplifting and energising aroma. The addition of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Magnolia, known as calming and relaxing aromas add a softer, sweeter touch.

Start your day with the aromatic presence of Citrus Bloom® to promote a joyful celebration of you and a positive fresh start to the day.

  • Diffuse throughout the day to experience the positive, uplifting aroma.

  • Apply diluted to the wrists or add a few drops to your diffuser jewellery for a bright and spring-like aroma.

  • For a mid-day boost, rub one to two drops of Citrus Bloom® between your hands, cup the face, and inhale for an optimistic and energising aroma.

  • Add to you rdoTERRA Hand & Body Lotion for an uplifting aromatic massage experience.


doTERRA Tinted Lip Gloss is an ultra-hydrating serum infused with CPTG® Peppermint essential oil. Enriched with a blend of emollients including jojoba esters and sunflower seed oil, this minty gloss delivers a shimmery shine and beautiful mauve colour to your lips.

With added vitamin E, doTERRA Tinted Lip Gloss helps leave your lips smooth and moisturised while Peppermint essential oil creates a slight cooling sensation. The gloss wand comes with an easy-to-use doe tip applicator and is perfectly packaged for your makeup bag, purse or pocket.